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3D Camera Calibration

ReliaSolve worked with Baseball Cloud and YakkerTech on the calibration approach for their next-generation 6-camera pitch-tracking system. ReliaSolve designed a complete workflow that incorporated their existing factory distortion correction and stereo alignment algorithms to meet their precision and time requirements as well as their requirement that the entire calibration kit fit within a 3’x2’x1.2′ carrying […]

Leaf Consumption Assay

ReliaSolve worked with Ramona Optics to develop a leaf consumption assay to automatically determine the fraction of each leaf plug that has been consumed by an organism. This ran on multiple images collected from a parallel microscope system observing 96-well plates. The algorithm deals with 18 imaging artifacts, including ignoring non-leaf material such as frass, […]

University Lab: Instrument Development

ReliaSolve worked with a university laboratory to help them complete the final stretch of their proof-of-concept deliverable for a contract, a combined digital and quantitative PCR device for measuring 8 samples at a time. This involved extending existing algorithms and working with project staff to integrate with their current code base. Ninety-one issues were resolved […]

Vality: VR system integration

ReliaSolve worked with Vality to help integrate its vGlass head-mounted display into OSVR and through OSVR into Unity and SteamVR. This included incorporating model-based distortion correction, writing custom tracker drivers, integrating the tracking and display subsystems, and optimizing performance for the high-resolution displays by supporting direct-mode rendering, predictive tracking, and time warping.

RedBud Labs: Blood Clotting Diagnostics

ReliaSolve co-founded and worked with Redbud Labs to develop control systems and analytical tools to determine clotting time, stiffness, and other characteristics of blood clots in custom microrheometry systems.  Work included writing a Windows-laptop-based prototype control system and then porting it to run in an embedded Linux board within the next-generation Redbud clot analyzer and […]

AQT: Accelerated X-Ray calculations

ReliaSolve worked with Applied Quantum Technologies on a brief project from March-May 2016 to accelerate maximum-likelihood calculations to solve for the objects causing a specific pattern due to Bragg scattering in prototype X-ray screening machines for airport baggage. The original OpenCV-based calculations were several orders of magnitude too slow to be useful in the field.  Through the […]

“Latent” Arduino-based latency tester

The ReliaSolve Github page hosts an open-source Arduino-based latency tester project, Latent.  It includes build instructions, Arduino code, and CMake-buildable projects to estimate the input-device latency and motion-to-photon latency for a VR application. It also includes a CMake-buildable project to estimate the rendering latency (render command to photon) using the Sensics/OSVR RenderManager rendering system. Latent […]

Visual Common Ground

Reliasolve started working with Dr. Robin Murphy, the director of the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue at Texas A&M University, in June 2015 to develop a Visual Common Ground environment to display 3D terrain models reconstructed from drone fly-overs to provide a space for disaster responders to discuss and plan. The initial goals of this project are: (1) […]

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