About ReliaSolve

How can we help you? See the menus for descriptions of projects we’ve worked on and available training materials.  Contact us at info@reliasolve.com if you’re interested in seeing what ReliaSolve can do for you.

taylor2_150x178Info: ReliaSolve is a North Carolina LLC founded in 2014 by Russell and Michelle Taylor to provide technology consulting, development, and project management services.

Entrepreneur: Russ was co-founder and Chairman of the Board for nanoManipulator Incorporated, which received an R&D top 100 award for its haptic and 3D graphics interface for scanned-probe microscopes (2000-2013). He also co-founded (VP of Systems) Megawatt Solar, which received $20M in venture capital funding, 2007-2009 and Redbud Labs (2010-, currently VP of Technology Systems).

Researcher: Russ gained over twenty years of experience developing Virtual-Reality, Real-Time, Interactive 3D Graphics, and Microscopy Control and Analysis systems as a Research Professor of Computer Science, Physics & Astronomy, and Applied Physical Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill.  During that time, he managed projects with $10.2M in contract and grant funding as PI (out of $42.5M total as PI or Co-PI).  He has published over 120 manuscripts, holds five patents, and has developed over a dozen open-source tools, the most notable of which is the Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN): an open-source library used in research and commercial products around the world.  Total downloads for the open-source tools exceeded 100,000 in 2013.

Honors: Russ was named the 2014 UNC Inventor of the Year.  He was a White House/Smithsonian Millennium Celebration Panelist in 2000.