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The Thing About Video

There are rules of thumb for data processing that apply across a wide range of data sources and analysis techniques. These let us ignore some costs and apply abstractions that simplify workflow and enable clean programming interfaces and orthogonal composition of software components. The thing about video is that it breaks the rules. Here are […]

VR Concepts Illustrated Using OSVR

Published as chapter 32 of the book VR Gems (William Sherman, editor), VR_Concepts_Illustrated_Using_OSVR describes the technology required to develop effective immersive environment systems. The immersive nature of virtual and augmented reality systems engages the human visual system in ways that require wider field of view and lower latency than other 3D computer graphics systems to provide artifact-free rendering […]

Scientific Visualization Workshop

ReliaSolve offers a full-day hands-on training workshop in scientific visualization, including 2D scalar fields, 3D scalar fields (volumes) and vector visualization.  It includes both perceptual-psychology-based theoretical content drawn from the UNC Visualization in the Sciences graduate course and hands-on visualization using freely-available toolkits.  Participants receive USB drives containing all materials, software, and sample data sets. […]

Model-based SLAM

Using insights from the human visual system, this linked document describes thoughts on making use of built-in inertial sensors and the rich texture prevalent in natural scenes to drive the construction of a multi-scale model for from live drone video. The basic approach is to construct a 3D model of the environment in which a […]