Category: Past Projects

AQT: Ultra-high-resolution video

ReliaSolve became a subcontractor to  Applied Quantum Technologies on a DARPA contract to develop live streaming to multiple observers from their 250-megapixel and higher-resolution cameras.  These cameras have 32 or more microcrameras, each with 1080p or higher resolution, streaming continuously to an ingest cluster.  Multiple clients, each with a 1080p video stream, can pan and zoom in […]

Sensics: Open-Source Virtual Reality

ReliaSolve worked with Sensics on the OSVR project starting in September 2014.  This open-source software and open-hardware project the adoption of VR. ReliaSolve worked on the low-latency rendering, device-control, video-based-tracking, predictive tracking, and lens distortion correction subprojects within OSVR.  It also performed latency testing using a custom-built hardware latency tester capable of detecting differences between […]

Aqueti: Multi-camera systems

ReliaSolve started working with Aqueti in July 2014 to help them develop multi-camera systems for sporting events. The image below shows one frame from a 36Q imaging array (this instance had 32 pan/tilt/zoom cameras mounted around a boxing ring).  Click on the image to download a loopable video file showing all 32 views.  The system can produce live video while […]

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