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OpenXR-OpenGL Example app

The hello_xr sample program from the OpenXR-SDK-Source repository includes frameworks and classes to handle building on multiple architectures (including Android) and on multiple rendering systems (OpenGL, GLES, Direct3D, Vulkan). This makes it really good for showing which parts of OpenXR are common and which are distinct across platforms. I wanted a sample application that was […]

Cross-platform Qt:OpenGL(ES) example

This project has an example OpenGL/GLES based program that has been tested on Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu 18.04.03, macOS 10.15.1, the iPhone simulator 11.3.1 and Android 10. It can serve as a starting point to build other cross-platform applications. It includes constructing appropriate headers for vertex and shader programs to work with either OpenGL or […]

Hourglass API example library

The Hourglass API repository contains the interface definition and example programs to implement an example “hourglass” interface. This type of interface has C++ at the lower layer, a thin C dynamic library interface in the middle through which all things pass, and another C++ interface at the upper layer. This approach enables both the library […]