Aqueti: Multi-camera systems

ReliaSolve started working with Aqueti in July 2014 to help them develop multi-camera systems for sporting events.

The image below shows one frame from a 36Q imaging array (this instance had 32 pan/tilt/zoom cameras mounted around a boxing ring).  Click on the image to download a loopable video file showing all 32 views.  The system can produce live video while switching between cameras including pan/tilt/zoom.  This system was broadcast by Premier Boxing Champions on NBC, CBS, ESPN, and Spike TV starting in the 2105 season.

Single frame from Aqueti 36Q multi-camera system

ReliaSolve provided (1) the Fovea image-transport and resampling pipeline, including predictive prefetching and caching of multi-scale images to provide smooth clip playout, (2) a custom 3-device control interface and animation system to enable an operator to rapidly and effectively move through cameras, pan, tilt, zoom and time to produce replay clips in under 30 seconds, (3) the Fixate multi-camera control software to enable all cameras to track the boxers’ motion during a bout, and (4) transportation of per-camera color and per-view geometric-distortion data to enable registration and blending of images.

ReliaSolve later worked on the distortion correction, warping, and synchronized display of Jpeg-compressed image streams from camera clusters that each use an nVidia Tegra TK1 as an image processing, storage, and compression front end.