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Setting up WordPress on a server

This post assumes that you’ve already gotten a web server running and redirected a domain (or subdomain) name to it.  It walks you through installing and running a WordPress site on that server. Along the way, we’ll be installing PHP and MySQL, which means that the server can also be used for the other things […]

Forwarding email addresses in your domain

Once you have purchased a domain, you probably want to set up at least a catch-all account so that email sent to addresses at that domain come to you. Step 1: Choosing email addresses Even if you want individual email addresses on your domain, you probably want to set up role-based email addresses that can […]

Setting up a web server on AWS

This post will walk you through the process of running a web server on Amazon Web Services.  There are several other cloud-service providers that will also let you do this, along with web-hosting sites.  I’m describing AWS because it is the one I’m familiar with and will be able to help you with if you’re […]

Mark Breneman on Git

Mark Breneman, the mentor coordinator for Urbana ’15, has put together some information on using Git to collaborate on projects involving shared files.  He made a short “Why use Git?” YouTube video describing how it helps you organize the development of a web page, and he found a 3-minute “How to fork, clone, change, and […]

Purchasing and redirecting a web page

(This post has been superceded by a newer one that shows an easier way.) Often, picking a project name seems to boil down to “find a .COM domain name that hasn’t been taken and name it that.”  There should be much more to it than that, but this is a part of it.  It is […]

Creating a Github organization and inviting members

Github is an online collaborative project-management site that provides free hosting for open-source, public projects and that can be used to manage private projects (which involves a monthly fee).  It is the recommended project management system for the projects at Urbana ’15. Step 1: Get an account Organizations within Github are created by first logging in […]