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More Than Just You And Me

The point: I’d like your help to spread an important and timely society-healing message by sharing or performing one of two songs. This is the liberal song of the pair. You can listen to the song on Spotify or other streaming services (search for ReliaSolve) or preview a copy by clicking on the image or […]


This video and web site is based on a letter to the editor from Tom Phillips that describes how antimatter having antigravity would provide answers to five of the largest current mysteries in Physics. Set to a catchy tune, the lyrics in this animated video boil the science way down and highlight the fun involved […]

Redbud Labs: Process development and quality control

ReliaSolve co-founded and continues to work with Redbud Labs to develop components and processes for microrheometry and blood-based diagnostic systems.  Current work involves developing hardware/software solutions for process development and quality control for magnetically-actuated post microarrays. This involves image analysis, synchronized device control and imaging, and GPU algorithm acceleration.

Aqueti: Ultra-high-resolution security-camera solutions

Aqueti is developing ultra-high-resolution (>10X digital zoom out from single-pixel display size) cameras for security and other markets.  ReliaSolve is working with them to develop the GPU-based decompression, tiling, rendering, and re-encoding portions of the pixel pipeline to enable viewers to pan, tilt, zoom, and move in time in a seamless view of the world. […]

Grace Boulevard

“Grace Boulevard” is a song that was inspired by time spent on the board of directors for Pharaoh’s Daughter, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that watches infants born to incarcerated women until they are released and then provides life skills, parenting skills and job skills training. The song aims to capture both the challenges facing Mom and […]

VR Concepts Illustrated Using OSVR

Published as chapter 32 of the book VR Gems (William Sherman, editor), VR_Concepts_Illustrated_Using_OSVR describes the technology required to develop effective immersive environment systems. The immersive nature of virtual and augmented reality systems engages the human visual system in ways that require wider field of view and lower latency than other 3D computer graphics systems to provide artifact-free rendering […]


The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) initiative, together with the RenderManager module from Sensics, enable immersive head-mounted or through-the-window interaction with 3D geometry.  The system runs on Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Android and supports rendering in Direct3D, OpenGL, and GLES (including pre-emptive direct-mode rendering on hardware that supports it). These tools were used in constructing […]

Scientific Visualization Workshop

ReliaSolve offers a full-day hands-on training workshop in scientific visualization, including 2D scalar fields, 3D scalar fields (volumes) and vector visualization.  It includes both perceptual-psychology-based theoretical content drawn from the UNC Visualization in the Sciences graduate course and hands-on visualization using freely-available toolkits.  Participants receive USB drives containing all materials, software, and sample data sets. […]


The Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) was developed at UNC Chapel Hill by Russ Taylor and has been widely adopted in industry and academia, receiving contributions from scores of developers and device manufacturers. This cross-platform, multi-device interface forms the basis for device interaction in OSVR.

RedBud Labs: Blood Clotting Diagnostics

ReliaSolve co-founded and worked with Redbud Labs to develop control systems and analytical tools to determine clotting time, stiffness, and other characteristics of blood clots in custom microrheometry systems.  Work included writing a Windows-laptop-based prototype control system and then porting it to run in an embedded Linux board within the next-generation Redbud clot analyzer and […]

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